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  • Paul Cumbo

Middle Ground

It’s a tough social landscape out there. Seems to be a line in the sand between “political correctness” and “telling it like it is.”

Pretty sure there's a middle ground.

Because, see, sometimes being “politically correct” means simply not being rude.

But yes, sometimes being “politically correct” means acquiescing to a ridiculous level of sensitivity, and encouraging more of it.

Sometimes “just telling it like it is” means telling someone what he or she might not want to hear, but in a respectful way that invites deeper thought.

But yes, sometimes “just telling it like it is” involves simply being rude. (Not to mention, my understanding of how "it is" might just be how I think it is, which isn't necessarily how it actually is.)

It is a matter of degree, in both cases.

And if respect for self and others is the starting point, it can go well, and we can avoid being rude.


#respect #communication #middleground #compromise


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