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Wilderness Therapy

When a group of teens in a backcountry therapy program discover a hidden menace in their group, their struggle for redemption becomes a fight for survival deep in the Montana wilderness.


332 pages $27.99 hardcover / $18.99 paperback / $2.99 eBook

Blue Doors Cover
Blue Doors

Marking the 2020 sesquicentennial of Canisius High School, Blue Doors provides an in-depth look at the Buffalo institution that has educated thousands of young men in the Jesuit tradition since 1870.


576 pages $18.99 paperback / $14.99 eBook

Boarding Pass Cover
Boarding Pass

A seemingly impulsive journey becomes nothing less than a pilgrimage that revisits the past, illuminates the present, and defines the future for two young men. A coming-of-age novel for all generations.


342 pages $14.99 paperback / $2.99 eBook

Ten Stories Cover
Ten Stories

These ten short stories provide glimpses of humanity from a multitude of angles. They tell of men, women, children, and families at different stages of life’s journey: beginnings, endings, and stops along the way.


164 pages $11.95 paperback / $2.99 eBook

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